Anti-Snoring Device

Treating snoring doesn’t have to mean using a cumbersome CPAP machine – with masks and hardware. A special mouthpiece can help people sleep soundly and stop snoring. But what causes snoring? During sleep, the muscles in the back of their tongue, throat and mouth relax. Relax too much and the airway is blocked, oxygen flow is impaired. Snoring is the result of throat muscles vibrating when relaxed. But snoring is only the symptom – blocked airways can cause health problems.

If, after conducting a sleep health evaluation, Dr. Gordon believes snoring is an issue, he will order a sleep study to determine how snoring is impacting a patient’s health. Often these studies are covered by health insurance policies. If snoring is impairing sleep, Dr. Gordon will fit patients for a snoring device – a custom-fitted anti-snoring device that resembles a mouthguard designed to keep snoring at bay. This comfortable device gently pushes the jaw forward during sleep keeping the airway open.