CariVu is a diagnostic tool used by dentists to detect caries (tooth decay) and cracks in teeth. It uses transillumination, a process by which light is shone through a tooth to detect any areas of damage or decay.

Process for Using CariVu:

  1. Positioning the Probe: The CariVu device consists of a handheld probe that emits near-infrared light. Our providers will position the probe against the tooth surface and press a button to activate the light.
  2. Creating the Image: The light shines through the tooth and reflects off the back surface, creating a silhouette image on a display screen. Healthy teeth will appear dark on the display, while areas of decay or damage will appear bright or translucent.
  3. Examining the Display: Our providers will examine the display to look for any areas of brightness or translucency, which may indicate the presence of decay or cracks in the tooth.
  4. Recommending Treatment: If decay or damage is detected, our providers will recommend appropriate treatment, such as filling the cavity or repairing the crack.

CariVu is a non-invasive and painless procedure that helps dentists diagnose and treat dental problems early on, before they become more severe. It is often used in conjunction with other diagnostic tools, such as X-rays, to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the condition of the patient’s teeth.

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