Sleep Health

Get Checked for Sleep Health

Dr. Howard Gordon is a sleep health expert who says that a simple examination that most doctors and dentists don’t do can identify a sleep problem. He works with patients of all ages to identify sleep problems and knows what can be done to treat it.

Poor sleepers are at risk for significant health issues ranging from chronic inflammation to depression. 25% of people snore, says the American Academy of Otolaryngology. Many sleep poorly because they aren’t getting enough air into their lungs while sleeping. They may stop breathing, then gasp and awaken, dozens of times each night. According to the CDC, only 25% of adults with these symptoms have sought medical advice for the condition.

Anatomy is partly to blame, but most doctors don’t check routinely. Dr. Gordon is on the front lines of sleep health. Routine oral health exams in his office include a sleep health survey to determine if patients – from young kids to the elderly – have good or bad anatomy for sleep. If the patient presents a poor sleep profile, further study is recommended.

Dr. Gordon says that cumbersome CPAP machines aren’t the only solution for sleep apnea. There is a super simple device that can help people with constricted airways sleep soundly and, best of all, stop snoring. A bonus – their partners sleep better too.